Words from the Executive Chairman & Co-CEO - Andy Mills

Andy Mills

Welcome to Archegos Capital Management! 

At a time when the role and practice of Wall Street is questioned by many, we stand firm in the belief that a strong investment industry is vital for human flourishing.  Good investors support the growth of exceptional companies, thereby bringing forth innovative products and services to benefit the world.  As a frequent traveler to Africa, it’s easy to see the impact of investing in the provision of healthcare, on the one hand, and the availability of mobile technology, on the other.  Both change, and enhance, the lives of people in their local communities. Corporations are changing our world to meet the challenges of an ever growing population while, at the same time, increasing the standard of living for all.  There is so much more to be done and we consider it a privilege to provide capital to those companies that will lead this global transformation.

In business, and the financial markets, ethical behavior does not just happen.  It has to be fostered.  Responsible market participants are critical to the functioning of efficient markets.  They help ensure, over time, that corporations are fairly valued in the public markets.  This is important because overvalued stocks harm investors, many of whom might be individuals relying on their investment portfolio to fund their retirement. Conversely, undervalued companies squeeze management teams of financing and human capital, reducing the likelihood that needed products and services come to market.  Archegos believes we contribute to making the markets more efficient and equitable.

As we take our market responsibilities seriously, we are also committed to creating a healthy corporate culture within the firm, by which individuals can grow and thrive.  You will see in our Mission Statement that we want to be known for growing people professionally.  Normally, firms use human assets to achieve their purpose.  For Archegos, our people are an important part of our purpose.  In addition we have a very explicit corporate culture that focuses on learning, doing and teaching, all in a caring environment of service to each other.  We work together collaboratively and encourage each other while sharpening our thinking and deepening our convictions about our investment ideas.  We believe there is a direct correlation between productive and motivated investment professionals and great investment results.

Please enjoy our website.  Thank you!